Useful Websites on The Web

A nice compilation of the 107 Best Websites on The Web from the MakeUseOf website. Some of my favorites from their list include IMDB, Grooveshark, Google Reader, Quora and TED. There should be something for everyone on this list.


Never forget your password again

Do you use the same password for all your web accounts? If so, please realize that major companies get hacked often. If one of these attacks happens to be against a company you do business with then your password could end up compromised for that site and also any other site you use (since you are using the same password everywhere).

I’m sure you realize that using the same password for every site is a bad idea, but it is challenging to create unique strong passwords for each website you use and then have to remember each one. You should use a password manager.

[A password manager] creates the strong passwords and then remembers them, and will quickly autofill your login information. So, actually, you don’t have to remember all the strong passwords you’ll be creating.

The quote above is from the blog post, Mobility, Simplicity, Connectivity, & Security, from Ernest Svenson at the blog Ernie the Attorney. Please read it for more information on this increasingly important security topic.

The only downside to achieving this simpler and more secure way of accessing your internet sites is that you have to download the program, install it, and then use it.

You will find that the use of a password manager will allow you to both improve your security and make it easier to get logged on at the various sites that you use. Some password managers like 1Password have client apps for all your devices and they can keep your passwords synchronized among all of them. It even helps you log in when you are using your smartphone.

Via: Ernie the Attorney