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LogMeIn Ignition: A back to school bargain

LogMeIn Ignition

LogMeIn Ignition

In a previous post I talked about sharing your computer screen and remote access to your computer. One of the programs I mentioned was the excellent LogMeIn remote access system. I think everyone should consider installing the free version on their own computer and also any computers that they find themselves acting as tech support for. The LogMeIn system also offers a great app for iPhones and iPads called LogMeIn Ignition. It allows you to do all the great things that you can normally do with their remote access system but from your iPhone or iPad. And it does it in a really easy and intuitive way. This app is normally $30 but for a short time you can get it for $15 as part of their “back to school” promotion. Don’t miss your chance to get it for half off. It is a universal app so you buy it once and you can use it on both your iPhone and iPad.

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Increase the odds of recovering your stolen laptop

I read an interesting story posted on the website, “After a Frenetic London Riot, a Laptop is Recovered“. The point of the article is that you can take some proactive steps that can really increase the chances of recovering of your laptop in the event that it is lost or stolen. The program that was used in this particular story is Prey, an open-source application that can track the location of the device once it is reconnected to the Internet.

Prey is free to use on up to three devices (paid pro versions are available as well). It works on Windows, Macs and Android phones right now. It can be used on desktop computers as well. A version for iPhone/iPad is in the works. Once you determine that your device is missing, you can use a Web control panel to determine the devices location. You can also take a variety of actions, including taking a picture of the individual if the device is camera equipped. Using the reports from the control panel, you can provide the police with information that will help them recover your device. Lojack for Laptops from Absolute Software is another example of a similar program.

These are great programs that can help you try to recover your stolen devices. But your first layer of protection should always be backups and possibly encrypting your hard drive.

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The temperatures around here have finally dipped below 90 degrees. It is a welcome relief. I hope you are able to get outside and enjoy the weather this weekend.

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  • For just a penny a page you can get your papers (books, documents and pictures) scanned by
  • Taking your textbooks digital and social is the goal of textbook startup Kno. An iPad app let’s you take notes on your digital textbook. Soon you will be able to share these notes with your classmates as you prepare for your quizzes and exams.
  • The FBI has released it’s first iPhone app, Child ID.  The app helps you be prepared with electronically stored information about your children in any event where they are missing. You can easily provide pictures, physical identifiers and height and weight to any relevant authorities.
  • Reid gives his thoughts on the impact the iPad is having on the legal profession.
  • Jim highlights a great story that he stumbled upon. Trial lawyers have great stories. Veteran Oklahoma City trial lawyer Rex Travis shares the story of his first jury trial.

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Taking notes on your iPad

Taking notes on your iPad should be one of the things you can easily do on an iPad. You ought to be able to get rid of your legal pad if you want to. But most of the apps for this purpose seem to be lacking. It’s not that easy to write on the tablet with your finger. Sure, you can jot down a quick note or phone number, but what about extended needs like meeting minutes and depositions?

This is where this review of the note-taking app Note Taker HD comes in. Jeff Richardson of the iPhone J.D. Blog reviewed that app as well as the Kensington Virtuoso Stylus for Tablets. His review of the stylus explains how much easier it is to use these note-taking apps with a stylus (which mimics a pen) instead of your finger. Be sure to take a look. It may be just what you need to know to get rid of that old legal pad.